A Better Way To Get Recruiting Done

built for scale.

The College Transfer Portal is down a staggering 30%, and your athletes are feeling the impact


RepMax Key Features includes:

  • Live Demographic Mapping: Gain valuable insights with an interactive map that reveals demographic data from your scanned links and QR codes, pinpointing trends down to the ZIP code level.
  • Digital QR Recruiting Board: Showcase your athletes with a cutting-edge, interactive digital board that instantly connects recruiters to their profiles using QR codes.
  • Personalized PlayerCards: Elevate each athlete's visibility with customizable digital PlayerCards highlighting their unique stats and achievements for easy sharing with recruiters.
  • Real-Time Team & Player Management: Stay organized and efficient with a centralized platform to manage and update team and player information instantly.
  • Smarter QR Code Conversion Tracking: Measure the success of your recruiting efforts by tracking interactions and conversions through your QR codes for data-driven decision-making.
These features combine to offer a comprehensive solution for streamlining the recruiting process and maximizing exposure for your athletes.