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Meet the Team Transforming High School Sports Recruiting And Securing Scholarships for Your Athlete!
Picture this: A world where talented high school athletes don't get overlooked because of the transfer portal frenzy. A world where parents aren't lost in the maze of recruiting rules and scholarship options. A world where every athlete has a fair shot at achieving their college dreams.That's the world we're creating at RepMax.
We're a team of former athletes, coaches, tech wizards, and passionate parents who have lived and breathed the recruiting game. We've seen the frustrations, the missed opportunities, and the heartache that comes with a system that's not built for today's athletes.
That's why we rolled up our sleeves and said, "Enough is enough!" We built RepMax from the ground up, using cutting-edge technology and real-world experience to level the playing field. Our mission? To empower student-athletes and their families to take control of their recruiting journey and achieve their full potential.


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The RepMax story so far...


RepMax founded by a team of passionate sports enthusiasts, tech experts and parents.
Beta Launch

warming up

Launched RepMax Player Profile with Recruiting QR Code, revolutionizing how athletes showcase their talents.
Series A

making progress

Introduced RepMax Coach Connect, an AI-powered networking tool for coaches and recruiters.
Official Launch

getting serious

Expanded services to include educational guidance, social media management, and media training.

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